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DKAL Architectural Lighting

Our philosophy is based on the belief that architectural lighting is a specialization of architecture.

A successful project is only realized with the inherent understanding of the architectural concept in combination with the expert knowledge of properties and behaviour of light. Our architectural background, knowledge of the science of light and technology grounds on a holistic approach.

Our approach is human centred. Lighting has the ability to enhance or undermine the quality of a space and consequently affect the human experience. Light has a strong impact on our feelings and conversely, feelings, notations and personal experiences are connected with specific lighting environments. At this point our collaboration with the client is substantial, so that expectations and desires can be imprinted with the form of light in space.

The knowledge of qualitative features of light make the essence of our projects. Our approach is qualitative, which is completed with the quantitative calculations, comply with the lighting standards, avoiding phenomena of light pollution and waste using the most updated technology.

Our approach is multidisciplinary. Design and construction process is enriched by collaborating with several professional such as lighting artists, electrical engineers and expertised craftsmen for cases of custom made light constructions.

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